Wider promotion for the Picnics will grow our sport


When Quilly Park’s Richard Anderson talked to Brad Jamison at Casey Radio 97.7FM a couple of weeks ago he didn’t hold back. Richard’s love of Picnic Racing and enthusiasm for securing wider promotion for the Picnics was supported by Brad on air.

Country Racing Victoria did a great job of staging the inaugural Quilly Park Cranbourne Corinthian to kick the Picnic racing season off under lights.

However, we think that more can be done throughout the season; regular promotion of the Picnics will entice bigger crowds, prize money can be raised as a direct result and nominations will ‘go through the roof’.

Do you agree? Listen to Richard’s interview (click the ‘play’ button above) and let us know your thoughts in the comments field below or post a comment on Quilly Park’s Facebook page.

Suzanne Newman

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