Success off the track for Nikinov

Kirra Burke purchased Nikinov 2 years ago upon arriving home after spending 6 months in Germany. Nikinov is by Ustinov ex Lady in Waiting, he raced in Quilly Park’s colours until the end of his racing career in November 2014.

Kirra said, ‘I looked at a few other off the tracks before Nikko but as soon as I sat on Nikko I knew he was the one because he reminded me of the horses I was riding overseas. After the one ride I picked him up and brought him home the next day.

‘Since then Nikko and I have worked our way up from EvA80 to EvA105 eventing with the goal to be one star next year.’

Nikko always tries his hardest for me so we are consistently getting better and better scores every competition.

Kirra Burke on her partnership with Nikinov

In 2017 Nikko attended Marcus Oldham College with Kirra where she studied Equine Buisness Managment, he was often used as a demonstration horse thanks to his easy going attitude.

‘After graduating Marcus, I took a job in New South Wales as a rider for Merran Wallis Eventing which has given Nikko and I the opportunity to ride at some of the best events in the country such as Sydney International, National Capital Horse Trials, Lynton Goulburn and Wallaby Hill, all of which he’s gone clear and in time Cross Country,’ said Kirra.

The partnership have chalked up an impressive tally. Their results include;

  • 2016 Peninsula HT grade 3 winner
  • 2017 Camperdown HT EvA95 4th place
  • And 2017 NCHTA Canberra International HT EvA95 3rd Place.

It’s great to see a horse who had average ability on the track turn into such a great performer in another discipline.

Richard Anderson, Managing Director, Quilly Park


Click here to see Kirra and Nikinov’s Cross Country Video from Wallaby Hill. 



Suzanne Newman

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